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Al- Qā’idah attacked the US Embassy in San’ā with a rocket according to a Yemeni unnamed diplomat.
The American television network Fox News reported that even under President Sīsī, Copts in Egypt still feel isolated and persecuted. One Coptic activist said “we are always the weakest group in society, so when anything happens in any country we are always the first victims.”  (7 May, 2015, Bawābat...
This report by Arab-West Report explains the context of the massive destruction of churches and Christian institutions in Egypt in August 2013.
On March 28, 2013 Fox News broadcast an incendiary video report entitled, ‘US Silent as Christians are Persecuted in Egypt?’ It is understood that media relies on a level of sensationalism in order to attract the viewer or reader to a story. Yet this report moves beyond sensationalism to distortion...
The US TV channel FOXNews said on its website that some Republicans and Democrats have filed a memo to the US State Department calling for an investigation into the claim that some Coptic women in Egypt are forced to marry Muslims.    
The fifth anniversary of 9/11 was a strong reminder of the continued war declared by Islamism against the world, and especially the “infidel West.” This article approaches some of the many questions that that have been raised by the war.
Usāma Ghayth discusses the new American crusades on the Islamic world after September 11. He argues that the American conservative right had the most to gain after the events of September 11.
The author discusses how current tensions in Europe between Muslims and other members of European society can be reduced and argues that a project needs to be established whereby Muslim scientists work with Western organizations to teach the “right” culture of Islām.
Criticism of ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ not for its religious arguments, but this time for being a bad movie.
The University of North Carolina decided to use Michael Sils´ “Approaching the Qur´an” as a placement exam for prospective students. However, some Christian organizations objected to that. The author believes that the book does not testify to the specialization of Sils and does not show...


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