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The author reviews the contributions of the well-known German Orientalist Anne Marie Schimmel on the fifth anniversary of her death.
Mustafá Rajab, the author, criticizes the senior researcher at the Washington-based Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Dr. ‘Amr al-Hamzāwī, of seeking media fame by attacking the Egyptian regime in Western media outlets.
German scholar Dr. Wolfram Reiss on school textbooks in Egypt, Palestine, Turkey and Iran. Inflammatory and uninvestigated claims about Christian girls being kidnapped. Muslim Brotherhood leader Muhammad Mahdī ākif denies the Holocaust.
The American magazine Newsweek continues the anti-Islamic campaign launched by the West and Zionism. It has recently published an article of an anonymous writer, allegedly Christoph Luxenberg, under the title “Defying the Qur´an.” The author of this article claimed that the Qur´an was...
The ongoing process of obtaining NGO status. Dr. Meinardus visits Cairo and recommends writing a book for the understanding of contemporary concepts of martyrdom and persecution in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Dutch businessman Frans Derksen of Fayoum Oases development consulted AWR for advice when...
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