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  Muhammad Abū Hāmid, former member of the People’s Assembly, said that [the August 24th] protests do not aim to revolt against legitimacy, oust the elected president, or to burn the Freedom and Justice Party headquarters, but to form a public opposition that can apply pressure to achieve its...
Writing in the al-Hurīyah wal-‘Adālah (Freedom and Justice) newspaper within the context of the ongoing feud between journalists and the Muslim Brotherhood over alleged efforts by the Brotherhood to control the media, Brotherhood member Dr. 'Abd a-Rahmān al-Bir says: “a journalist is the possessor...
  Twenty-five human rights organizations and political parties called on the Shūrá Council to freeze the recent appointments of chief editors of state-run newspapers
Journalist Khālid Salāh, the editor-in-chief of the independent al-Yawm al-Sābi’ newspaper, was assaulted and his car smashed outside the Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC) on Wednesday (Aug. 8). Salāh said during the investigations that a large number of bearded demonstrators carrying placards...
The presidential candidates, al- Sīsī and Sabāhī, made strong statements against the Muslim Brotherhood group that show that they will not be able to play any political role in the aftermath of the presidential elections.
  Pope Tawadros II stated in an interview on the al-Haya satellite channel that the Muslim Brotherhood did not pressure him to support them in the elections, but that the Head of the Office of President of the Republic requested him to visit former president Morsi, which he refused. 
‘Abbūd al-Zumar, a leader in al-Jamā‘a al-Islāmiyya, has called upon the Muslim Brotherhood to abandon its attempts to reinstate former President Muhammad Mursī and to enter parliamentary elections. 
An anonymous leader in the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy stated that there is a inclination to freeze the activity of the alliance as a form of protest against the dissolution of FJP party. 
Al- Shurūq reports on previous Coptic members of the FJP who are now choosing to elect ‘Abd al- Fatāh al-Sīsī.
The  Muslim Brotherhood  is in a “battle for survival in the UK.” Muslim Brotherhood members there are to hold a seminar to reply to the accusations of terrorism aimed at them by the Egyptian government.


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