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The following text contains sensitive information and highlights various concerns from an Egyptian ambassador regarding foreign influence on political and environmental decisions and movements in Egypt.
Counselors Sāmih Abū Zayd and Ashraf al-‘Ashmāwī, the two examining judges into the illegal foreign funding of NGOs, said warranted search raids on the headquarters of a civil society called Sahm al-Thiqah – April 7 resulted in seizure of files containing surveys of Egyptian churches in Egypt, army...
Freedom House classified Egypt as “not free” with regards to freedom on the internet from June 2014-May 2015 in its latest report released on Tuesday.
Forty-three persons, including nine Americans outside Egypt, were referred to the Cairo Criminal Court on charges of involvement in illegal foreign funding, according to investigations. [‘Imād al-Fiqī and Muhammad Hijāb, al-Ahrām, Feb. 7, p. 3] Read original text in Arabic
Counselor Muqbil Shākir, Deputy Head of the National Council for Human Rights, told a delegation from the Freedom House, "We [Reviewer: the report did not clarify what Shākir meant by "we"] reject international monitoring because we have internal monitoring and a strong civil society." He stressed...
This report provides an overview of different human rights organizations in Egypt and th
Comments on Freedom House’s recent visit to Egypt.
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The three authors criticize reporting in the Layman, an American Presbyterian publication, claiming Christians in Egypt are persecuted. They believe the author of this article was ill-informed and provided readers with wrong information. The Layman got the opportunity to respond to their criticism...


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