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A war of documents is ongoing between Pope Shenouda, who provided Waṭanī newspaper with a certificate that states that Bishop Mavias, who ordained Maximus, has no accredited religious legitimacy while the latter presented three certificates that confirm the authenticity of his ordination.
The Greek Orthodox Church has sent a testimony to the court, denying the consecration of Timotheos Mavias, who ordained Max Michel as Bishop Maximus I.
The reaction of the West to the crisis of the Church of the Nativity gives the impression that there is a doctrinal agreement between the Christian West and Zionist Judaism that resulted in the creation of Masonic Jewish Christian lobbies. There are more than 500 Jewish groups and organizations...
Memories of Dr. Otto Meinardus, and the position he took between two cultures, particularly in relation to his stance on Coptic Orthodox traditions.
Catholic father Rafiq Greish, Orthodox archpriest Salib Matta, and Protestant reverend Ikram Lamai responded to Rose El-Youssef’s article "seizing an extremist Christian group" The latter two did not restrict their arguments to the Adventists, but discussed the Catholic Church and popes. The author...
The Russian Orthodox Patriarchate decided to send Archpriest Dimitry Netsvetaev to Egypt. He obtained a church-building from the Greek Orthodox Church in Cairo but has no funds to restore the building which had been neglected for decades.


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