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This report provides an overview of different human rights organizations in Egypt and th
Comment of a group of Egyptian NGOs on the establishment of the National Council for Human Rights. They write about a system of legislation that severely limits rights to the freedom of forming parties, publications and civil society.
A number of Egyptian civil society organizations receive millions of dollars in annual funding from foreign bodies. Many questions arise regarding the state supervision of these NGOs and the role of the Ministry of Social Solidarity in this regard.
Many human right activists have opposed the Human Rights Committee of the People’s Assembly’s suggestion to alter the human rights organizations in Egypt to make them fall under the authority of the NGO’s Law instead of the Joint-Stock Company’s Law.
A copy of the Group for Democratic Development and Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies’ report on the Alexandria sectarian riots in October 2005.
Articles showing examples of the ongoing polarization between Israel and the Arab world. Consequences of the Alexandria church’s play which sparked sectarian riots in 2005.
Some Egyptian NGO’s have filed a lawsuit against the Supreme Committee concerned with observing the parliamentary elections, arguing that they pose an obstacle to observing the elections.
As parliamentary elections loom, several NGO’s have applied for permission to monitor the polls.
The article presents the views of some members of the National Council for Human Rights regarding the responsibilities of the newly-established council and the change it will bring to Egyptian political life.
As the furor surrounding Law 153/99 for civil associations dies down following its ratification, everyone has settled down to wait for the executive regulations describing its implementation. "With any law, the way that it’s implemented is much more important than what’s theoretically written in...


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