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From June 5-10th , the Rights Forum of former Dutch Prime Minister Andreas van Agt (1977-1982) organized daily meetings in the Netherlands under the title “enough=enough” to reflect on the topic of “Israeli Settler-Colonialism” as termed by Israeli journalist Amira [Amīrah] Hass on June 7th in The...
In an interview by Al-Shabāb with an Egyptian researcher at the faculty of Literature of ‘Ayn Shams University,  Malak Ismāʿīl highlighted the main subject of master’s thesis  which focuses on the image of Egypt as reflected in the foreign news websites. 
This article reflects on the Muslim reactions to Netanyahu’s claim that Jerusalem, or Zion, is mentioned in the Bible as the homeland of the Jews 850 times.
Husayn Sirāj reviews an interview published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz with the well-known German journalist Wilhelm [Willy] Dietl who was accused of working as an informant for the German Federal Intelligence Service [BND].
Most Jews worldwide are commemorating their exodus from Egypt as reviewed by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.
Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm is preparing a new normalization trip to Israel in the next few days which would be a continuation of another trip that he took last January.
Since publishing her play entitled, ‘The Lord Resigns in a Summit,’ Dr. Nawāl al-Sa‘dāwī has been subjected to a massive campaign led by the Azhar and Islamists, which caused her to leave the country for Belgium where she launched an attack against Islām and the Azhar in the European Parliament.
In this article, Ḥusayn Sirāj writes about a book recently published in Italy entitled, ‘Passover of Blood.’ The controversial book confirms Jewish blood libel claims.
Bahā’īs are waiting for July 2007 when they will find out the final decision from UNESCO on whether some of their gardens will be recognized as international cultural sites.


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