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Work has recently finished on the renovations to the Church of the Virgin Mary, more commonly known as the Hanging Church which is situated in Old Cairo. The article gives a brief history of the building and the work that has been undertaken.
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Expatriate Copts’ permanent insistence that Copts are persecuted in Egypt caused Egyptian Copts to believe that they really are. Therefore, any mere dispute between neighbors would transform into strife.
Magdy Khalil, a Coptic writer in the US, wrote a series of three articles in Watani newspaper under a general title "A Returnee from Cairo." In this series, he comments on the conditions of Copts in Egypt. al-Arabi, mouthpiece of the Nasserist Party, and Islamic independent Aqidati highly...
Akher Saa, al- Arabi and al-Ahali approached Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant Christian clergymen, from Egypt and Palestine, and asked them to comment on the crisis of the Church of the Nativity. They all criticized Sharon?s practices against the birthplace of Jesus Christ and against the...
Nairouz [Coptic new years’ day] is originally a Persian word that means the new day. The Pharaohs were the first ones to celebrate the Nayrūz. As a Christian feast, it continued to be celebrated during the Islamic rule of Egypt and Muslim rulers gave it special attention.
The priest of the Hanging Church, Morcos Aziz, and the Egyptian Minister of Culture, Farouq Hosni, exchanged accusations on the pages of two newspapers, following a deep disagreement regarding the restoration of the prominent church and the introduction of an entrance fee for the monument.
After a Supreme Council of Antiquities decision to execute urgently a fire protection system, a decision was made by the department of antiquities to terminate all restoration works, exposing the whole area to fire danger.
The author gives an update on the ongoing arguments between priest, Marqus ‘Azīz, and Coptic intellectual Jamāl ‘As‘ad ‘Abd al- Malākabout the political role of clergymen.
Restoration works on the Hanging Church and the Coptic Museum were stopped suddenly because of financial reasons. The whole area is in danger of fire damage, for it is not protected.


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