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After publishing our article last week, entitled "when the investigations are missing - p4", in which I wrote about all the problems Mr. Michael George Abdalla had in getting his right to be hired as an assistant professor in the French department of the faculty of Arts at Helwan University, I...
Who is responsible for the disaster of Al-Kosheh? Several leading Egyptian intellectuals respond. A weak local government, unemployment and other social factors are hold responsible.
Subtitle: In Western media, every Muslim is a terrorist or another Khomeini At the Al-Albeit University, north of the Jordanian capital Amman, scholars from 90 Islamic and Arabic universities gathered to discuss the challenges facing the Islamic world. One of the most important challenges discussed...
Coptic music becomes more and more known outside Egypt. Coptic music groups are frequently invited to sing outside Egypt.
The focus of the book is the period before the Islamic conquest of Egypt. Several Muslim scholars praised this work. It is a period of Egypt’s history which would deserve more attention in schoolbooks.
In our country, Egyptians, whether Muslims or Christians, live together peacefully. Our unity is not a slogan, but a nature that has been planted in us many years ago. We believe that the country belongs to all people and religion belongs to God.
Since the fall of communism, the Armenians of the diaspora are at liberty to return to their country, yet many are choosing not to. Some claim that it is too early, others that it is too late. The Armenians of Egypt go for a visit and come back, happy to resume the life they have made for...
Throughout Islam’s 1400 years in Egypt, the nation has witnessed the cohesiveness of its national fabric and solidarity between Muslims and Christians.
The book, written by a Muslim, says the government is overlooking problems of Copts in Egypt.


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