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Many articles in the Egyptian press describe the Shiite celebration that has been hosted in Karbala in the honor of Al-Hussein Ibn Ali. Some articles discuss the beliefs of Shiite Muslims, in the light of the Iraqi crisis. Others speak about inter-Islamic dialogue and the necessity of a union...
The war on Iraq has ended. However, the role religion plays in it is still questioned. Some authors believe it cannot be viewed outside a religious framework and others warn against the danger of associating it with religion.
Arab media primarily placed the war in Iraq in the framework of the religious dimension. Religion is present in the background of almost all articles. Reactions of religious institutions and figures and the impact of religion on the characters of both Bush and Saddam Hussein are the focus of...
Muhammad Fawzī asks Dr.‘Alī Jum‘ah about the differences between the Sunnī and Shī‘ah.
The article sheds light upon Jews in Iraq. While Jews in Iraq stress their Iraqi identity and reject leaving Iraq, Iraqi Jews living outside Iraq have started to ask for alleged rights – a game which Jews have played with many other Arab regimes.
Usama Bin Laden accused all Arab leaders and possibly Arab peoples as well of kufr [unbelief]. Muslim scholars believe such an accusation show that Bin Laden is ignorant of the Shari´a because there is a hadith saying that he who accuses a Muslim of kufr becomes a kafar [unbeliever] himself.
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