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In the article, the families of the two activists who were charged with inciting the April 6 strike and detained, claim that they do not even know if their relatives are still alive.
The article discusses Egyptian reactions to the European Parliament resolution, which criticized Egypt’s human rights record.
The first conference of the Middle East Freedoms Forum was held in Cairo under the title: “Where is Egypt heading?” The following lines present information about the participants and the main subjects that were discussed during the conference.
Hishām Qāsim criticizes the national press in Egypt and foretells its end in favor of the private press.
Father Marqus ‘Azīz calls for an apology from Rajab Hilāl Ḥamīdah for his provocative declarations that were interpreted as an invitation to kill Copts.
Charles Fū’ād al-Miṣrī interviewed Frank R. Wolf, the U.S. Republican member of the House of Representatives, who spoke about the shifts in U.S. policy towards the annual aid to Egypt, as well as other issues of importance.
As he has resigned from al-Ghad Party, Archpriest Marqus ‘Azīz Khalīl justified his action to reject a number of the party’s Secretary-general Rajab Hilāl Humaydah’s articles which Khalīl considers improper and supporting sectarianism.
A wave of anger has hit al-Ghad party as news spread about using the party’s headquarters as an office for the Switzerland-based The United Copts in Egypt.
The article discussions the furor that was caused by a document that allegedly showed how the U.S. was funneling aid into Christian organizations, and how the reporting on the issue help to stir up a media tempest.
Majdī Khalīl sheds light on the difference between citizenship rights and the political activity of clergymen, and highlights the rarity of clergymen who are politically active.


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