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Yāsmīn al-Nadīm interviews Kamāl Shātīlā, one of the significant Sunnī symbols in Lebanon, who is known for his nationalism and objectivity.
The author argues that the U.S. has misapplied the definition of terrorism to pursue its own policies and strategies in the Middle East region. This has not helped to reduced terrorism however, but only fueled further terrorist operations.
‘Abd Allāh Kamāl spots the danger threatening Egypt and other Sunnī countries heading towards converting to Shī‘ah.
Condoleezza Rice’s tour to the Middle East region reveals the new American formula of “moderation versus extremism.”
The author discusses the article of Dr. Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm, published in the Washington Post, in which he urged the American administration to have dialogue with Islamist groups in the Middle East, like Palestine’s Hamās, Lebanon’s Hizb Allāh and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.
This article discusses violence in Islam from the Caliph ‘Uthmān Ibn ‘Ufān to the Muslim Brotherhood. Religion and holy texts have been taken as pretexts to commit murder in the name of God and Islam.
This article gives definitions of the main religious parties and movements that have role in political life in the Middle East region.
Following a series of controversial statements that aroused the anger of many Egyptians, the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Mahdī ‘Ākif, was recently quoted as allegedly inciting the murder of Arab leaders during an interview with a national newspaper.
The new president of the Islamic Society of North America admonishes President Bush for using terms like “Islamic fascists” to describe terrorists responsible for killing Americans. She states that "terrorism, crime or violence" is a proper description for such attacks.
Subtitles:A phenomenon that worries international intelligence agencies; Cooperation between Sunni and Shiaa groups to establish a unified organizationItaly has become the base for the activities of the extremist groups smuggling weaponsClaims that Osama Bin Ladin is attempting to establish an...


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