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Bishop Marqus comments on Bishop Munīr’s text on “Christian minorities in the Islamic world; an Egyptian perspective.”
Overview of a report by Human Rights Watch on hate crimes against Arabs and Muslims. The report says that anti-Muslim hate crimes in the US rose 1700 percent during 2001.
Uncommon in Egyptian press, al-Dustour publishes excerpts of the Human Rights Watch report on Egypt, 2005, revealing many problems in Egypt.
A discussion of homosexuality and Egyptian law taken from a bachelor’s thesis on Egyptian law.
‘Abd al-Mun‘im Sa‘īd examines the success of the Turkish experiment, considered by moderate Muslims to be a model for democratic Islam.
Coptic author Magdi Khalil claims that several international human rights associations called the Copts in Egypt ‘a persecuted minority’. Behavior of the ruling National Democratic Party in Egypt during the presidential elections. Attention for AWR work: many questions, inquiries and personal...
The Center for Arab-West Understanding (CAWU) is regularly asked about the claims of Christian refugee seekers. This time the request came from Benoأ®t Forget, an analyst in a Belgian refugee office, for information about Christian asylum seekers from Egypt. CAWU is able to answer his questions...
A speech delivered by Magdi Khalil at the "Status of Democracy and Freedoms in the Middle East” Conference, held in Washington during the period 16-19 November 2005, in which he discusses the definition of a minority, and the international community rules in relation to the treatment of minority...
The American organization Human Rights Watch asserted that religious abuse towards detainees is something common in American prisons and detention camps. Such abuse is not limited to the incident of desecrating copies of the Qur’ān , which NewsWeek denied.
Egyptian media and political leaders paying attention to Coptic Christmas. Watani’s Editor-in-chief Yusuf Sidhom’s discusses the term ’ persecution’ in describing the position of Christians in Egypt.


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