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This article gives an overview of the Egyptian/Arab Press, including English language media, about Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim and the Ibn Khaldoun Institute.
Despite parliament’s approval, many NGOs believe that this is no reason to stop the campaign against a law which, they argue, infringes upon their autonomy. The law, many NGOs assert, gives the government extensive control over the establishment and liquidation of organizations, and widens the...
Letter responding to the claims made in the advertisement in the Washington Times. No one investigates. Just claims are made.
The arrest two weeks ago and subsequent release of Hafez Abu Se’ada, secretary general of the EOHR and the interrogation of Mustafa Zeidan, EOHR-lawyer, continue to focus international attention on the status of human rights groups in this country.
Egyptian authorities have prevented the lawyers and wife of a human rights leader from visiting him, a rights group said Friday.
Human Rights Watch, a US organization defending human rights, demanded the immediate release of Hafez Abu Se’da, Secretary General of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights.


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