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The Independent has opened a discussion that has led to a strife pertaining to moving the tomb of Prophet Muhammad. 
The U.S. President Donald Trump has officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 7, 2017, and announced the plan to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
With a weakening economy, populism on the rise, and the hunt for scapegoats, personal rights and freedoms seem to be on the decline in Egypt. People live in fear for their right to exist and to live a peaceful life, due to a lack of social acceptance, as well as pressure from the government....
Egyptian member of parliament Marguerite `Āzer has proposed a bill calling for equal punishments for men and women in cases of adultery, a suggestion that has provoked strong reactions among her fellow MPs and political figures.
In an attempt to overcome sectarian violence Minya has witnessed recently, the Coptic Egyptian teacher, `Ayād al-`Arīf, launched a new method, hoping it would spread all across Egyptian schools.
In an article published in the British journal, “The Independent,” reporter Robert Fisk described legislation to criminalize boycotting Israel as being stupid and in conflict with the foundations of democracy. The law, championed by Canada’s conservative leader, Stephen Harper, would define...
Fisk reveals the secret to tolerance between Muslims and Copts in the region The famous British writer Robert Fisk, writing in the Independent, discussed the history and nature of Christian-Muslim relations in the Middle East. Despite the persecution that Christians living under Dā’sh experience...
This article focuses on the story of an Armenian orphanage during the 1915 Armenian genocide in Turkey. Many children whose parents were killed were sent to an orphanage near Beirut, where they were beaten, malnourished, and forced to convert to Islam. Many of these children died there.
The author highlights an article by British journalist Robert Fisk on the conditions of Christians in the Middle East.  
Robert Fisk ponders why the Middle East is so backward and why the area has so many dictators and so many human rights.


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