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The World Islamic Council condemned the kidnapping of civilian hostages in Iraq in a statement released yesterday. Answering suggestions that the kidnapping of two French journalists was a reaction to France’s position on the question of the hijab [Islamic veil or head cover], the statement said: “...
The Grand Imam of Al Azhar Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi confirmed that the veil is an Islamic obligation and whoever denies it is considered an apostate. During the meeting of the head authority of the International Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief, he said that dealing with the French veil ban...
The general secretary of the international seminar for Muslim youth warned against European ignorance of Islam. He stressed the importance of establishing permanent institutes to follow up the progress of the Islamic mission in Europe and to correct the wrong image of Islam and Muslims there.
Paris and London are, arguably, the world’s two most cosmopolitan cities. They also have thriving and growing Muslim communities. Unfortunately, it seems that Muslim activists in both places are intent on portraying two contradictory pictures of Islam.
The eleventh meeting of the International Conference of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs will begin next Tuesday [22 June 1999] morning at the Marriott Hotel, Cairo. The Conference is being organized under the patronage of President Hosni Mubarak who will give an opening address which the...
A conference on Islam in Africa was held in Tripoli. The scholars participating in the conference said that despite the strong missionary presence in Africa, Islam is spreading.
Members of founding committee of the International Islamic Council for Daawa and Aid ask for a united position against the Israeli Judaization of Jerusalem and the American Freedom from Religious Persecution Act.


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