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The article deals with role of the media and political powers in religious incitement.
The article reports on the angry reactions of Muslim countries after new caricatures which mock the Prophet Muhammad were published in a Swedish newspaper.
The author discusses trends of political Islam and terrorist attacks in the West. He questions why British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has not stated that Muslims worldwide should condemn terrorism.
The author discusses the knighthood being awarded to Salman Rushdie, author of “The Satanic Verses.” This action has again fuelled tensions between the Arab world and the West. The author comments on the situation, and questions where this animosity really originates.
The administrative judiciary’s refusal to file the lawsuit establishing the “Al-Safawīyya Al-Naqshabandīyya” provoked controversy.
The article discusses the Egyptian-Iranian deal to hand over a number of Egyptian-Afghans who have been living in Iran for more than six years. It also mentions the Iranian veto against handing Ayman Al-Zawahri, the second most important man in the Qa´ida and Khalid Al-Islamboli, the brother...
The policy of boycotting Western products led to a commercial use of Islam. Iran could be considered the first country to professionally pursue what is called the “Islamization” of Western products.
A report produced by the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs about religious freedom criticized practices to which women and the religious minorities are exposed in Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan and Iraq.


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