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Shaykh Tantāwī of the Azhar denied in an interview that the top Sunni Muslim institution is incapable of fulfilling its role, indicating that the Azhar is no longer sending a good number of teachers to Arab and Islamic countries purely for economic reasons.
The author writes on the bloody conflict in Iraq between Sunnis and Shi’ites and shows the attempts of Islamic religious leaders to build communication between followers of different Islamic madhahib.
This press review tackles the Sunni-Shiite clashes in Iraq, the Egyptian initiative forwarded by top Sunni Muslim scholars in Egypt to bring an end to the violence, and the exchanged assaults on the shrines of both sides.
The author replies to Soheir Labib A’azer’s comment on his article "The Pope and the apology." A’azer believed that most of what the author wrote was incorrect and was prejudiced against the Pope. However, the author stressed that he did not lower the importance of what the Pope did.
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