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Opinions of Islamic scholars on the issue of misyār marriage, in which the husband has no financial responsibilities for his wife.
Zaynab ‘Abd al-Ilāh, author of the article, sheds light upon how the two newly-innovated types of marriages, friend and Misyār marriage, have met with controversial views from Islamic clerics.
A number of Muslim scholars have urged the Azhar’ s Islamic Research Academy to refute the recent controversial fatwas of the Sudanese spiritual leader, Dr. Hasan al- Turābī.
A fatwa allows couples to get married and waives the husband’s responsibility to shoulder household expenses.
Several Muslim scholars agree on that Muslim women are not allowed to marry non-Muslim men, despite Sudanese leader Hasan al-Turābī’s controversial statements allowing Muslim women to marry Jewish or Christian men.
The article is an overview of the speeches given in the opening session of the Islamic Institute of Fiqh in Saudi Arabia. The speakers were the deputy of the Prince of Mecca, Saudi Grand Mufti, the Islamic World Association secretary general and the secretary general of the Fiqh Institute. Their...
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