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Israeli official and non-official websites are watching the Arabic and Islamic media to keep the West updated.
Sir Cyril Townsend writes about the historic visit Israeli President, Moshe Katzav, is to pay to the Vatican on November 17.
The tactics of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood have become rather predictable: showing off their power in the street to attract parties of all political spectrums. But allying with the communists?
‘Ādil Jindī states that Ramadān is a proponent of a theory that says Islam in the future will represent a bastion of resistance against Western hegemony, adding that the growing licentiousness in the West will eventually lead to the triumph of Islam.
A revolutionary religious group will never know a thing about political dreams because their ideas are just a collection of hallucinations. The author critiques the Palestinian revolutionary groups.
Paris rejected a Jewish call from a US-based Jewish group for legal action against a leading Islamic organization in France, accused of anti-Semitism and alleged to have contacts with the Islamic resistance movement, Hamas.
By listening to Muhammad Mehdi Akef, the seventh guide of the Islamist organization founded in 1928 by Hassan Al-Banna, one has a feeling of dealing with a personality that is regarded as the "pope" of Islam.
Henry Laurens is on his way to take the place of Jack Perck [name is transliterated from Arabic original, we do not know whether the spelling of his name is correct], and Louis Masignon in the specialization and analysis of Arab issues. This young researcher, who is not yet fifty, was recently...
Ashraf al-‘Ashrī wonders whether the time has come for the Arab governments to start communicating publicly with Islamic groups after France and the EU have started to hold dialogues with Arab Islamic groups and not to, merely, restrict their relations to the Arab governments.
One-hundred fifty researchers, academics, politicians and experts from the US and 35 Islamic states attended the three day conference in Doha about US-Islamic dialogue. The forum discussed numerous aspects critical to the relations between the convening parties safter September 11th.


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