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Gamal Al-Banna believes that the violence of the Islamic groups is a reaction to the barbaric torture practiced by the State against the Muslim Brotherhood in the time of president Gamal Abdel-Nasser. Dr. Essam Al-Eryan said that some Islamic groups believe in the necessity of military action as a...
The British Home Secretary made a list with the names of 15 Islamist groups whose activities are prohibited under the new Anti-Terrorism Law. Palestinian Hamas considered the British law supportive to Israel. Hezbollah rejected being classified by the British authorities as a terrorist...
A senior Muslim Brotherhood official suggested Saturday there was still time for dialogue between the government and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, after four of the group’s officials were expelled to Qatar.
The Muslim Brotherhood movement on Friday urged the government allow deported Hamas leaders to return to Jordan and launch a dialogue with the Palestinian group.
Prime Minister Abdur-Ra’uf S. Rawabdeh on Wednesday told deputies that it was the Muslim Brotherhood who proposed sending Hamas leaders outside Jordan, and moving their offices abroad.
There was a general sense of mea-culpa among Muslim Brotherhood officials on Monday, one day after a surprise decision to "transfer" four detained Hamas leaders abruptly ended their six-week-long mediation between the government and the Islamic Resistance Movement.
Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Majali on Monday said the government had to deport four Hamas leaders because they would not accept Jordan’s conditions to resolve the deadlock between the two sides.
Four leaders of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, were released on Sunday and flown to Qatar after the case against them was dropped, Prime Minister Abdur-Ra’uf S. Rawabdeh said.
Sub-title: ’Hamas has insisted on its position, which justified taking measures to protect Jordan’s security’ His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday said the Hamas issue will be resolved soon, but noted that there can be no return to the former situation, stressing that recent measures taken by the...
The government and the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, on Saturday failed to reach a breakthrough to the deadlock amid signs that the government might refer the case of Hamas detainees to the State Security Court in few days if the Palestinian group refused to comply with Jordan’s conditions.


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