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The military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas threatened on November 6 to renew attacks in response to Israel’s Jewish settlement policies. The statement containing the warning was issued two days before Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization began talks on November 8.
Jordanian authorities have arrested a leading activist of the militant Palestinian group Hamas who had been on the run since an official clampdown in August on the organization, Islamist sources said yesterday.
The optimism that followed the first round of negotiations between the Jordanian government and the Muslim Brotherhood to secure the release of Hamas resistance movement leaders from Jordanian jails seems to have ebbed.
The government and the Muslim Brotherhood on Sunday held another round of talks to resolve the two-month-old deadlock over the fate of Hamas in Jordan but Brotherhood sources said the meeting failed to achieve its goals.
Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Majali on Friday said the government has not yet received any response from Hamas on its proposals to end the two-month-old crisis.
Mounting Arab pressure has persuaded the Jordanian government to reverse its position on the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and to enter into dialogue with leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, who have agreed to act as mediators in the dispute between the two sides.
"Since you cannot convey reality precisely, since in the last resort there is no precise reality to convey, why worry? All that is expected of you is a good story, so let them have it. Truth? What is truth?" writes Edward Mortimer in "Islam and the Western journalist." And thus the Western press...
Two Muslim Brotherhood Movement representatives on Monday met with jailed Hamas leaders in Jweidah Prison in a bid to resolve the deadlock between the government and Palestinian group, Brotherhood sources said.
Prime Minister Abdur-Ra’uf S. Rawabdeh on Sunday met with a delegation representing the Muslim Brotherhood movement to end the two-month-old deadlock between the government and the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas.
Jordan’s King Abdallah said on October 17 that a rift with the Palestinian militant group Hamas should be resolved soon, as two detained Hamas leaders began a hunger strike in a Jordanian jail.


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