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Hamas, the main Palestinian opposition movement, recently reaffirmed its opposition to the Middle East peace process on the grounds that it would neither enable the Palestinian people to recover their minimum legitimate rights nor realize their national aspirations.
Egyptian security authorities recently announced the sudden and completely unexpected arrest of 20 leaders of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.
The Muslim Brotherhood on Tuesday dispatched a two-man team to Syria to meet with Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, leaders in a bid to come up with a "formula" to end the deadlock between the government and the Palestinian group, a spokesman of the movement said.
Prior to his departure last week for the United States, King Abdullah II of Jordan reiterated that his government’s crackdown on Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) offices in the capital Amman was motivated purely by Jordanian, rather than by foreign interests. "We have [experienced] no pressure...
The spiritual leader of Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas warned in a newspaper interview a massive anti-Israeli attack could take place "at any time."
The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, in the Palestinian self-rule areas has asked His Majesty King Abdullah to intervene in the case against 21 men detained in a crackdown on the movement in the Kingdom, officials said on Sunday.
Sheikhh Abdul Mun’em Abu Zant, detained three times last week for breaching the Sermons Law, once again defied a ban on his preaching activities and delivered a political sermon on Friday.
The lawyer defending 21 Hamas leaders and activists on Friday said a political settlement to the case of the detained members of the Islamic Resistance Movement was likely, more than a month after the authorities cracked down on the hard-line Palestinian movement.
His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday said he was fully supportive of the measures the government took against the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, and that the decision to close down the group’s offices here was final.
Two prominent supporters of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas recently withdrew from the Hamas Solidarity Committee in protest against what they described as the Muslim Brotherhood’s soft handling of the recent arrest of Hamas leaders.


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