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Head of the Beirut-based Higher Islamic Shiite Council Sheikh Mohammed Mehdi Shamsudeen arrived in Amman on Monday amidst reports of his possible mediation with the leadership in favor of the Islamic Resistance Movement.
The government’s month-old crackdown on the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has led to divisions among Jordanians, from senior officials downwards, officials and analysts said on Monday.
A key witness in the case of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, failed to appear before the State Security Court.
An [unidentified] key witness in the case of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, is due to testify before the State Security Court prosecutor.
Sheikh Abdul Mun’em Abu Zant’s bail was accepted. His Friday sermons were banned five years ago. According his defense lawyer the sheikh told the prosecutor that the message of his sermons "had not been relayed accurately to the prosecution."
Islamist Sheikh Abdul Mun’em Abu Zant was again detained by the prosecutor general on Wednesday for violating the Sermons Law, which prohibits radical sermons, but was later released on bail pending trial.
The Israeli cabinet adopted a set of moderate measures on Sunday against the Islamic Movement, rejecting the internal security service’s recommendation for a sweeping crackdown.
A Palestinian court ordered the release Monday of Abdul Aziz Rantisi, a top member of the Islamic militant group Hamas.
The Muslim Brotherhood is proposing a compromise to end the issue of the detention of Hamas leaders and the closure of the movement’s offices in Amman.
Two developments occupied the minds of Jordanians last week and both are going to continue to dominate politics around here for some time to come. The first was the reported agreement between the government of Prime Minister Abdur-Ra’uf S. Rawabdeh and political parties to revamp the Elections Law...


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