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Relations between the Anglican church and some Jews are strained after a vote in the Church of England’s General Synod concerning investment in companies profiting from Israel’s illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories, in particular Caterpillar Inc., an American machinery company.
Muslim scholars in Europe released a statement in which they stressed that the events of September 11 were a crime rejected by Islam and that Al-Qa’ida Organization is in no way an Islamic organization. They declared that the Taliban regime was not legitimate. Still, they believed that the method...
In his message from Brussels, ‘Abd Allāh Mustafa reports on the latest Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly where reports drawn up by the EMPA’s political, economic and cultural committees were approved and debates were held.
The former Dutch prime Minister comments on the Arab-Israeli conflict, the political role of the European Union, the situation in Iraq and the theory of the clashes between civilizations. He also expressed his admiration of Egypt.
The Russian Ministry of Education prepared a project aiming at promoting the concept of tolerance and combating terrorism. The project is planned in the first place to face the anti-Semitism feelings in Russia.
The author comments on the plan of the Israeli media to control the American public opinion. She believes that this plan does not only target the American public opinion but the Arab as well. She believes that many Arab media outlets have already started applying some of the points of the Israeli...
The Israeli government invited Jews in Morocco to immigrate to Israel in an attempt to make use of the situation after Casablanca bombing.
Memri´s intent is to find the worst possible quotes from the Muslim world and disseminate them as widely as possible.
The letter calls for a two state solution; Israel and Palestine, calls resistance against occupation justified but denounces violent methods of resistance.
The Maglis el-Milli of the Evangelical churches in Egypt headed by Dr. Safwat Al-Bayadi condemned the inhuman Israeli practices against the Palestinians. The Maglis called upon all churches, international and local ecclesiastical bodies, the international community and organizations to support the...


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