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Al-Jam’iyyah al-Shar’iyyah (The Legitimacy Organization) and Ansār al-Sunnah (Sunni Advocates) have issued their official agreement to the Covenant for Honorable Religious Advocacy that was issued by the Ministry of Endowments. Dr. Muhamad Mukhtār Gom’ah, Minister of Endowments, clarified that the...
 [AWR: this interview was recorded, transcribed and translated by Diana Maher Ghali]
This article sheds light on salafism in Egypt. It points out the areas in which salafis spread and shows how powerful they are in these areas.
In an unprecedented move, 120 of the banned Muslim Brotherhood members have been released, reducing the number of detainees to less than 150, when two months ago there were more than a thousand members in prison. Some have described the decision as a conciliatory move made by the Ministry of...
The article says that a lack of supervision has provided an opportunity for the establishment of many non-governmental organizations [NGOs] whose purpose is to spread extremism.
The article presents three important questions that deal with the sensitive relationship between Christians and Muslims in Egypt.
Muhammad Hishām ‘Ubyh writes about two official religious associations in Egypt that are not concerned with political issues: al-Jam‘yah al-Shar‘yah and Jamā‘at Ansār al-Sunnah al-Muhamadyah.
Safā’ Mustafá warns about the spread of new private Islamic institutes which are not supervised by either the Azhar or the Ministry of Awqāf. She believes that these could promote false teachings of Islām with their emphasis on less educated preachers.
The Muslim Brotherhood group is trying to control the administrative board of the Al-Gama´iya Al-Shara´iya [The Legal Association] in Giza, which has 246 branches and takes care of about 30,000 poor families. The group works hard to win the elections of the association, which receives...
Dr. Hassan Khader, deputy of the Ministry of Endowments, comments on the reasons why the ministry monitors mosque imams and preachers.
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