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Following a Facebook post, published by a group called ‘Anā Min al-Ḍāhir’ (I am from the district al- Ḍāhir), announced that an agreement was met with the Jewish community in Egypt to tour 3 Jewish synagogues in Cairo and visit the premises from the inside. 
The following lines shed light on the cancellation of a Jewish conference that was supposed to be held in Cairo. It also discusses the recent Jewish attempts to regain property in Egypt and the reactions of Egyptian sources to the claims.
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A conference of Egyptian Jews was convened in Haifa, Israel to discuss matters such as the return of Jewish ‘personal properties,’ the Jewish supervision of their heritage in Egypt and establishing a documentation center to store documents related to Jewish family linage.
This article is an interview with the head of Cairo Jewish Community, Carmen Weinstein, who speaks about the conditions of the few Jews still living in Egypt and their relationship with the Egyptian government and Israel.
Jewish Community of Cairo chief Carmen Weinstein dismissed in an interview any link between the Jewish community in Egypt and Israel, adding that Egypt is a safe country and its leader is wise and deals most sagaciously with the Middle East.
After Ms. Carmen Weinstein was appointed as president of the Jewish Community Council in Egypt, Jewish groups around the world think it is time to request control of their properties. Even though Ms. Weinstein refuses to cooperate with foreign groups, she had requested control of the properties.
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