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In Fathī Ghānim’s famous novel Bint Min Shubrā [A girl from Shubrā], a Muslim man, Karīm Safwān, says, "Shubrā can never be Shubrā without Sainte Teresa." Asked by the Christian woman Maria Sandro whether he knows Saint Teresa, Safwān replies that: "My mother told me that her brother Bassyounī goes...
The author stresses the need for reaching a clear-cut international definition of terrorism and states that Muslim immigrants are like timed bombs, waiting to explode since they can be easily recruited by terrorists.
Participants in the 12th international conference of the Arab linguistics association have called for the preservation of the Arabic language and the development of better translation skills in order to better share true Islamic knowledge with the world.
The author is surprised at the silence of the Azhar after Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten printed 12 cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that many Muslims considered offensive.
Ulfat Ja‘far argues that the US and other Western nations should examine their own school and university curricula concerning Islam, Muslims and Arabs, before trying to have school curricula, particularly theology and history, in Arab and Islamic countries modified.
The Grand Imām of the Azhar, Dr. Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī, has warmly welcomed Prince Charles’s upcoming visit to the Azhar.
In an interview with al-Musawwar, the Commissioner for Dialogue with the Islamic World and Intercultural Dialogue at the German Foreign Ministry responds to many questions pertaining to issues of globalization and Arab-West dialogue.
In this interview, Rev. Akram Lama’i, head of the Higher Council of the Evangelical Church, speaks about the image of Islam, national unity, US occupation of Iraq, Arab Christians, Zionist Christianity, inter-religious dialogue and other issues.
It is not an exaggeration to say that the intellectuals of Egypt and the whole Arab World should prepare to go to prison or even their deaths, after the U.S. Congress passed a bill incriminating anyone who attacks Semitism. - See art. 2: Al-Usbua attacks the High Council for Antiquities for...
In an unprecedented move, the Arab League is preparing for holding an international conference under the title "Arab-European…The image of Islam in history textbook in Europe" in the period from 12 to 14 December.


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