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Father Mattah al-Māskīn, before his consecration he was called Yūsuf Iskandar, was born on September 20, 1919 in Banhā,  Cairo. al-Māskīn participated in the Sunday School Movement and became a monk in 1948 knowing that the church could only be reformed from within. Students from the Sunday School...
The author investigates a number of Christian newspapers that have become mere advertising spaces on account of their supposed spiritual and instructive messages.
The following press review presents the titles of Christian publications published in Egypt by various Christian denominations.
Father Mattá al- Miskīn is attacked by many conservative figures of the Coptic Orthodox Church. The text highlights some of the father’s liberal ideology concerning traditions of the Church.
As a way of honoring the deceased archpriest Father Matta al- Maskīn, the Margus Magazine, a publication of Saint Makarius Monastery, issued a book containing his diaries which he wrote in 1978 and which he ordered not to be published until after his death.
This press review summarizes responses from a wide variety of persons, including Coptic leaders, clergy, and congregants to the controversial Max Michel, also known as Archbishop Maximus I.
The author writes that intellectual battles over Orthodox precepts have surfaced again between Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria and Father Matta al-Miskīn.
The strong do not remain silent, and the patriotic do not veil their witnesses and words of truth. In a time of crisis the talk about such types of people reveal like a precious metal. Father Matta Al-Meskin is one of them.
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