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Al-Liwa al-Islami criticized in its issue of July 3, 2003 the Minister of Culture. Part of its criticism was directed at Al-Qahera. It wrote that the Minister of Culture entrusted Al-Qahera to the hands of a group of secular people who write against the true religion. The author refutes that Al-...
It was reported that a copy of the Psalms of David had been stolen from the Coptic Museum. Later, the General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities denied this. The author gives a brief insight about the Psalms and the Coptic Museum.
The Alexandria Film Festival is reflecting suppressed anger of many Copts in reaction to art works that pictured them and their affairs. They were outraged by works that covered their relations with their Muslim counterparts, like the “Awān al-Ward” series, reflecting how they placed paramount...
Citations from articles published in the Western press and from statements by American Christian men of religion expressing hostility against Islam. The author calls upon the Azhar and Arab media to defend the “threatened Islam.”
For decades, the Egyptian government refused to include the Holy Virgin Tree in el-Matariya on the country´s heritage list of protected sites. As a result, the tree fell victim to unscrupulous locals who sold branches and sap to pilgrims. The president of the National Egyptian Heritage Revival...
The headmistress of the Education Department in the Conservatoire Institution ordered primary and preparatory students to sing a song about the attributes of God in the morning line-up instead of the national anthem. Students´ parents, both Muslims and Christians, objected to what she did.
The author tells how the Israeli Embassy in Canada objected to his invitation to participate in the Ottawa International Festival for Writers because it considers him anti-Semitic. After many problems and after the intervention of the Egyptian Embassy, he was able to participate in the festival.
The Muslim Brotherhood is not at its best these days. A great number of its members have been arrested and its activity has become almost nonexistent. Asharq Al-Awsat interviewed the general guide of the group on this subject
The author provides a commentary on the Muslim Brotherhood, criticizing its actions and beliefs, and warning that it is gaining substantial ground toward becoming the political leaders of perhaps multiple Arab nations.
Wā’il Lutfī writes on the pressure the Muslim Brotherhood are putting on the government to ban certain works of art that they claim to be a threat to public morality.


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