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The author comments on the Culture Minister and his potential appointment to UNESCO, wondering how he can be considered for the position having openly proclaimed the need to burn books in his ministry about Israel.
Jābir ‘Asfūr refutes a court ruling that removes a decision of the minister of culture on rewarding poet Hilmī Sālim after a fundamental relic sued the minister believing that one of his poems insulted God.
An Egyptian administrative court has ruled against awarding the poet Hilmī Sālim the state literature prize. The poet has been criticized for committing religious contempt.
Translation throughout the Arab world is discussed, in particular the difficultly in marketing and distributing translated works.
Missionaries are expelled from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The traditional churches there complained about some missionary groups who belong to unknown new Protestant churches and come to Jordan under the umbrella of charitable organizations to preach to Muslims and Christians in an attempt to...
The article sheds light on the issue of translation in the Arab world. All of the observers admitted that there is a problem with translation in the Arab world. The majority of them attributed it to financial factors, but many of them also claimed that the low level of education is a significant...
Sālih Shalabī reports on an interpolation submitted to the speaker of the People’s Assembly that calls for an investigation into the existence of books and texts in Egyptian markets that offend the Prophet Muhammad.
Work has recently finished on the renovations to the Church of the Virgin Mary, more commonly known as the Hanging Church which is situated in Old Cairo. The article gives a brief history of the building and the work that has been undertaken.
The author thinks all Muslims are accused of terrorism unless they accept kneeling before the Western hegemony.
The article is a response to questions received by AWR in 2003 from different Western churches, Christian organizations, Christian leaders and Human Rights Watch, based on material from Western sources and interviews with a few western missionaries then living in Egypt.


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