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The ninth International Conference for Coptic Studies was held in Cairo recently. Over 150 Coptic scholars from different countries around the world participated in the conference, however the media was not allowed to attend the conference.
A first for Coptic women (p.3) (Original in English. Not edited by AWR)Watanī interviewed Marguerite Azer, the first Egyptian woman to become the secretary-general of the National Democratic Front party, about her career and views on the political sphere in Egypt.
Ahmad Hayati discusses the dangers of the niqab in Egyptian society, he substantiates his point by recounting the tale of a man who donned the niqab to speak to his sweetheart.
The following lines shed light on the cancellation of a Jewish conference that was supposed to be held in Cairo. It also discusses the recent Jewish attempts to regain property in Egypt and the reactions of Egyptian sources to the claims.
In 2002 the Ministry of Education introduced the subject ’ethics and values’ into the curriculum, however in recent years it have received substantial criticism and now seems to be on the way out.
The article comments on the key discussions that took place at the Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination conference that was held in Cairo in April. The conference looked at the various types of discrimination that exist in Egypt, ranging from discrimination in the workplace to the lack of a...
Tāriq Yūsuf reports about the Franciscan school’s issue with hijāb- wearing women.
A headmaster persecutes a veiled teacher for her tight clothes.
Yūsuf Sidhom berates the continuing examples of extremism that exist in Egypt and details the story of a Bahā’ī student who has been prevented from sitting her Islamic religion exam.
The article presents an interview with student Nashwá Jamāl who has been prevented from entering her Catholic school because she insists on wearing the hijāb.


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