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French Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius has called upon the Security Council to list the Libyan ‘Ansār Al- Sharī’ah Organization on the terrorist list.
In a statement issued today, Thursday, al-Azhar expressed its strong condemnation of the initiative by a Dutch Parliamentarian to organize an anti-Islam cartoon contest, while expressing its appreciation for the Dutch Government’s rejection of such step.
The Egyptian press reported on the international reactions to the controversial Dutch movie Fitna.
The overview covers different articles that deal with the role religion plays in the life of President Bush and how it impacts his foreign policy and whether the US war on Iraq is a crusade. It also refers to the theory of clashes between civilizations.
In the drama that followed the republishing of the Danish cartoons across several European nations, the Danish and Norwegian Embassies in Damascus, and also the Danish Consulate in Beirut, were all burnt down. These incidents prompted those foreign ministers to advise their people to leave Syria...
Ashraf al-‘Ashrī wonders whether the time has come for the Arab governments to start communicating publicly with Islamic groups after France and the EU have started to hold dialogues with Arab Islamic groups and not to, merely, restrict their relations to the Arab governments.
The article reports about the response of Tareq Ramadan, a Swiss Islamic intellectual and the grandson of Hassan Al-Banna [the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt] to the decision of someone of the municipality of district No. 12 in Paris for canceling the lease of a hall where Ramadan...
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