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UNHCR commended Egypt for affirming its commitment to expand the services available to refugees and asylum seekers in the health sector and ensure sustained access to opportunities in the education sector at the High-Level Officials meeting on 14th and 15th December 2021.
Dr. Muḥammad al-Nādī, a member of the Scientific Committee to Combat the Coronavirus, said that white fungus is an old disease linked to low immunity, noting that the media plays a role in scaring people.
This summary focuses on Egypt’s Stance towards the recent Israel-Palestinian events, we collected the information from each of Arabic Post and Raseef 22 to cover the full analysis.
The Egyptian people and government’s solidarity with the Palestinians is much more pronounced and powerful than it was in previous Israeli assaults on Palestinians.
With the increase in Coronavirus cases and deaths in Egypt and demands for the government to take preventative measures to get control over the third wave of the virus, doctors at the Ministry of Health were surprised with the ministry’s insistence that they sign a “non-disclosure agreement” (NDA).
The Coptic Orthodox Church has allowed the partial reopening of churches for masses, funerals, and weddings beginning Monday, August 3, given the continued drop in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths according to data from the Egyptian Health Ministry.
The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced the closure of all museums and archaeological sites from March 23 until March 31, in order to sanitize, disinfect, and apply safety and precautionary measures. This comes in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Population and in accordance...
Dr. Muḥammad Mukhtār Jumaʿa, Minister of Endowments [al-Awqāf] emphasized that whoever is talking about how it is forbidden [ḥarām] to close mosques in these current circumstances are either ignorant or enemies of the nation and humanity.
Dr. Ādil Adawy Minister of  Health and Population has announced that the Egyptian hospitals have announced 11 injured people from Gaza. 
In an attempt to monitor the situation of Copts around the world, we observe in Australia the visit of Bishop Rāfāʾīl, Secretary of the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod, in Canada the struggle of Copts against sex education, and in America a verdict of 175 years in prison for assaulting minors.


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