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As the celebrations of the Christmas and the New Year are knocking the doors, the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior have directed all security services in various security departments to prepare wide security plans to maintain security and order and to combat all forms of crimes so that all...
Egypt’s Prisons Department held a mass for Christian inmates and distributed gifts for Christmas and the New Year 2018. 
The decision of the Church on prohibition of travel to its monasteries, churches, and annual summer trips and conferences, is to expire by the end of tomorrow, after it has been prolonged for a further month last July, upon official security instructions to all churches throughout Egypt.
A Ministry of Interior official source said that an armed attack targeted a cafe in the village of al-ˈĀmīriya in al-ˈAyyāṭ, south of Giza, on Saturday night, killing two of the cafe's customers, and wounding others, one of them seriously.
Coptic Orthodox churches and a number of Coptic activists warned of a terrorist in a post on social media sites bearing his name and a photograph of him.
The Human Rights Department in the Ministry of Interior, headed by Major-General Muḥammad ʿAbd al-Ḥamīd Yūsuf (Assistant to the Minister for Human Rights), organized a training series for officers responsible for detention procedures inside central prisons and police stations.
Muḥammad Fā’iq, President of the National Human Rights Council, said that the Egyptian population is the only party capable of recruiting President ʿ Abd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī to serve a second presidential term, pointing out that the president wished to serve only term, but the people...
On Saturday, September 30, 2017, a female South Korean tourist (36) was killed in Siwa, the capital city of a remote oasis in Egypt’s Western Desert with the same name. The victim was stabbed several times, by an Egyptian man (27) from Alexandria, whom she has been meeting in Cairo prior to...
  Al-Sādāt is the primary person responsible for planting and sponsoring the roots of discrimination in Egypt, but Mubārak is responsible for preserving al-Sādāt’s formula for maintaining religious and sectarian tensions in the country and manipulating them politically.
The so-called Islamic State, which had previously claimed responsibility for the bombings of the Church of St George in Ṭanṭa, and the Church of St. Mark in Alexandria, announced that they were specifically carried out by two of its followers, Abū al-Barāʿ al-Miṣrī, and Abū Isḥāq al-Miṣrī.


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