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Despite of the unity of the Egyptian people, both Muslims and Christians, the sectarian climate will result in hateful behavior. This behavior results in creating a sectarian atmosphere between Muslims and Christians, and this atmosphere will always be there as long as there are people who with...
Bishop Wissa of Sohag and two of his priests were arrested during the first week of October and charged with damaging relations between Copts and Muslims in a story that has more to do with Egyptian police brutality than sectarian tensions.
Excessive reports appeared abroad about police torture in el-Koshh.
Drs. Hulsman writes a special report about his investigation of el-Kashh incidents in August, where some Christians where killed.t 1,000 Christians in the small town of el-Kosheh," police behavior and mistakes in foreign reports about al-Kosheh. The report contains an evaluation explaining how the...
Security officials in Cairo believe the British bill [legislation] may help break up terrorist networks targeting Egypt and other Arab countries. "It is a real positive step towards fighting terrorism worldwide," an interior ministry official said. "For years Britain has turned a blind eye to the...
The book, written by a Muslim, says the government is overlooking problems of Copts in Egypt.
Terrorist actions against the Copts resume in Upper Egypt.
A official source in the Interior Ministry denied the existence of information about any threats from the militant group Al-Jihad to launch attacks against American targets.
Brigadier-General Hamdi El-Batran will probably lose his job because of a novel he published that was based on his experience in the force.
In an unprecedented act, security forces sealed a church in Maadi that has been build and operating for four years without a permit.


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