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The murder of the Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, a grandnephew of the famous Dutch painter [Vincent van Gogh,] by a Muslim extremist has increased terror fears in Western and European communities where a large number of Muslims live. Everyone knows that such assassination was the spark that set off...
A court in The Netherlands has approved the extradition of Wisām, 32 years-old, an Iraqi-born Dutchmen, to the United States to face trial for participating in attacks on U.S troops in the Iraqi city of Falūjah.
A report by the Netherlands Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Justice discusses the main reasons behind the perpetual terrorist threats.
A Dutch news agency said that the Dutch Administration of Immigration and Foreigners´ Affairs takes the necessary procedures to officially announce that Usama Roshdy is considered persona non grata in The Netherlands.
Usama Roshdy, former spokesman of the Gama´at Al-Islamiya, says that he is facing fierce campaign by Dutch media aiming at muzzling and expelling him from The Netherlands. He believes the campaign is the result of reports by the Egyptian Embassy in The Netherlands.
Some members of the Dutch parliament asked the Ministry of Public Security to close some Islamic schools in the Netherlands. They claim that these schools do not respect the Dutch laws. The ministry decided to close these schools if they prove unable to integrate within Dutch society.
Forty imams in the Netherlands recently attended a three-day course on Dutch customs and traditions. Now they will undergo mandatory courses on the Dutch language and the values and norms of the Dutch society. Imams have to pass these courses with a certain percentage otherwise they will be...
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