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Ayman Aqil [Ayman ʿUqayl], President of MAAT for Peace, Development and Human Rights, said that the statement issued by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) denouncing the death sentences passed against some terrorists in Egypt is “politically-oriented”.
73 members of the terrorist organisation known as Muslim Brotherhood have been brought to the Criminal Court in Giza on accusations of “participating in the theft of contents” from the Church of the Virgin and then burning the church.
A cautious calm is returning to the Azhar’s male dormitories in Nasr City, Cairo, after the security forces were capable of ending the acts of violence that students possibly affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood started yesterday (May 16) after the Friday prayers.
Counselor Ahmad al- Bulqī, Attorney of the North Giza Prosecution, has ordered the imprisonment of 11 defendants for 15 days pending investigations.
Leaders in the Da’wah al- Salafiah have criticized what seemed to them as a confusion of the Muslim Brotherhood statements pertaining to the Shites and conflicts in the Arab world.
Al-Sīsī stated that the continuation of the Muslim Brotherhood in ruling Egypt threatened with a looming civil war.
President Abd al- Fattāh al-Sīsī stated to the BBC that Egypt is a main country in the region and is considered one of the factors of its stability. 
It seems that the distortion of historical statues scattered in the squares and entrances of Egyptian cities is a series that will not end soon. Every month, it is announced that one of the statues is distorted in the Egyptian governorates. Officials of the al-‘Umrāniyyah in Giza gained controversy...
The penetration of the Muslim Brotherhood and all Salafist and Islamist groups into Egyptian society over the last five decades, due to the negligence and complicity of the previous ruling regimes, is one of the biggest crimes committed against Egyptian society, culture, and identity in the past...
It’s been five years since the June 30 Revolution aborted once and forever the Muslim Brotherhood Group’s dream of taking over Egypt. Nevertheless, the Muslim Brotherhood group and its followers still maintain its war against the Egyptian people imagining it possible to return to power.


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