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In a phone call with Ṣada al-Balad TV Channel late Sunday evening, Father Rafīq Greish (head of the Media Committee of the Egyptian Council of Churches) stated that all Egyptians united went down to the streets, backed by the army, demanding the departure of the ousted President Muḥammad Mursī.
Five years have now elapsed since the June 30 Revolution broke out in 2013 forming a major landmark in the modern history of Egypt. However, some western intellectuals and politicians, such as the French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, viewed it as a military coup. But the truth is that it is...
Sources stated that the current leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have convened a set of meetings with the student committees  of the Muslim Brotherhood particularly those in al- Azhar, Cairo and ‘Ayn Shams Universities.
The New York police has arrested two days ago,  a group of 9, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and carrying the signs of Rāb’ah.
An explosion took place in the vicinity in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nile Corniche,  before al- Sīsī arrives to New York. 
The Muslim Brotherhood has described the statements of president al- Sīsī in which he stated that the Muslim Brotherhood can return to political life if they reject violence that it is simply a media show. 
The High Committee of Legislative Reforms expressed its dissatisfaction with legislative amendments concerning education policies undertaken by the government without consultation with the Committee of Education. 
The so called curse of the Muslim Brotherhood’s diaspora also affects al-Jamā’ah al-Islāmīah, most recently by a decision to expel the Muslim Brotherhood from the capital of Qatar, Dūhah.
The former chairman of the Egyptian State Security Court, ‘Amr ‘Abd al-Rāziq, sent a request to Great Britain to pursue the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.
On various jihadist websites, an official statement was published announcing a rapprochement between al-Qā’idah and ISIS, which until recently fought each other in Syria. 


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