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General Jamāl Abd al- Barī the General Director of the Egyptian Interpol stated that the Egyptian security forces started pursing Muslim Brotherhood leaders requested in judicial cases who have escaped to Qatar.
Security sources revealed that members of the Muslim Brotherhood, members of the  Devils of Damanhūr (‘Afarit Damanhūr) cell and Danak cell, who were arrested in Beheira have given confessions in front of policemen.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sāmih Shukry stated that Egypt is committed to eradicate the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood which produced many terrorist organizations. He stated that it is not logical to mobilize against ISIS and to give up on Egypt in facing the same enemy
Sources in al- Da’wah al- Salafiah stated that the Ministry of Endowments has Muslim Brotherhood (dormant) cells and that these cells are giving the Minister fallacious information about the Da’wah.
Sources close to the Muslim Brotherhood stated that a number of members of the group started requesting internal elections for the guidance bureau and the shūrá council of the group in order to change the current leaders of the group. 
Ibrāhīm Munīr the Secretary General of the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood stated that the organization in Egypt has held internal elections.
An alleged Muslim Brotherhood member has ignited the fire of a sectarian strife in Taybīah in Minya by attacking a number of houses that belonged to Copts there.
Raghib al- Sirgāny, one of he Muslim Brotherhood figures has called in an article to obey the “tyrannical ruler”.
The Administrative Court, Education Section, headed by Counselor Hātim Salāh has reprimanded former head of Azhar university Dr. Usāmah al- ‘Abd and accused him of not applying the correct laws on the students of the Muslim Brotherhood
In Egypt there are a million children that are being tortured.


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