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Religious, medical, and social milieus in Egypt witness heated discussions about the legitimacy of female circumcision. The Muftī of the republic considers it H...
Iqbāl Barakah reviews a report published in Rose al-Yūsuf magazine on January 26, 2008, about six villages in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Qena where men totally refuse the idea of education for girls.
The author analyzes the crisis of issuing Fatwás in terms of the discord status among official bodies of Fatwá, and their claims of monopolizing the Islām.
A conference held at the Azhar University, attended by Muslim scholars and medical doctors from Africa, Asia and Europe, condemns female circumcision and denies that it is a religious practice.
A number of Egyptian civil society organizations receive millions of dollars in annual funding from foreign bodies. Many questions arise regarding the state supervision of these NGOs and the role of the Ministry of Social Solidarity in this regard.
A law to ban female circumcision is posed for discussion and the ‘Ulamā’ seem to differ in their views on the issue.
The women preachers worked actively last week in the underground carriages to collect signatures of women to support a petition against commercials and video clips in which girls dance in a sensual way. The woman preachers tell the women that they belong to Al-Amein Institute for Preparing...


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