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The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology held a seminar entitled "Egyptian Women in the Scientific Research Sector" under the patronage of Dr. Maḥmūd Ṣaqr, president of the Academy. The seminar was organized by the National Committee for Women, during which the committee gave a...
Curricula contain subjects that entrench religious extremism and create intolerant terrorist groups that divide people into categories of believers and non-believers.
In response to the Scotland Yard inquiry the Egyptian authorities have arrested Majdī al-Nashar, 33, an Egyptian biochemist suspected of making the bombs that were detonated in the July 7 London blasts that killed 56 people and injured many more.
The article represents the different opinions regarding the abortion of the deformed fetus.
The article talks about the chaos of Fatwás being issued on TV by a number of unofficial Muftīs. It also mentions the statement of the Islamic Research Academy regarding these Fatwás which marks the end of the satellite Fatwás.
The persons mentioned in the Pope’s list for the elections of the Majlis al-Millī were the winners in the elections. The opposition demanded reformation of the order governing the council, and explained their opinion that the elections, restricted to Copts over 25 years who either have a college...
Sources of the Coptic Orthodox Church have told Rose al- Yousuf that Pope Shenouda III, pope of Alexandria and patriarch of the Sea of St. Mark, 86, flew to Germany two days ago seeking a cure for herpes, not a torn cartilage, as has been claimed.
The reasons for the spread of bird flu in Egypt were interpreted by some as either divine wrath or a conspiracy by the developed countries against the third world.
The Middle East Council of Churches [MECC] has formed a new committee of Muslims and Christians that will be in charge of reacting quickly towards issues related to the Middle East.
A fuss has been recently made over the Islamic Research Academy’s decision to approve Pepsi, which was protested by a Muslim scholar.


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