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Fawzī Mursī is a cartoonist who is characterized by his constant expression on issues and ongoing events which lead to challenging ease, expressing with his brushworks the essence of the subject.  
We often hear about the radical statements and fatwás of Muslims and about uncompromising Christian or secular activists who can appeal to populist sentiments and mistrust of the ‘other’.
This report provides an overview of different human rights organizations in Egypt and th
The Editorial Board prepared detailed selection criteria for Arab-West Report. Users are invited to comment on these criteria as they still can be changed until February 1, 2003. The selection criteria should reflect the needs and interests of our readers.
Jamāl As‘ad was questioned by the police following a claim that was filed against him by 12 expatriate Coptic activist leaders.
The article provides opinions of different scholars regarding the validity of political fatwás
The Egyptian press has reported on Pope Shenouda’s medical trip to the U.S and brought to the surface again speculation about who will succeed the current patriarch.
While the uproar in the wake of the first attack against the Abū Fānā monastery continues, monks were again attacked and stoned by people from the tribal communities. Heated discussions and debates on the issue are still being reported in the media. Muslims accuse the monks of killing a young man...
A controversial amendment to personal status regulation highlights the question as to whether Coptic marriages and divorces are under the jurisdiction of the church or the state.
Drs. Huslman wishes all Muslim readers a blessed end to the period of fasting, and points to an article highlighting the difficulties on reporting on Islam in the West.


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