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Subtitles: The Muslims: The apology is political and not religious. The Catholics: The Pope’s aim is spreading peace. The Orthodox: The apology represents a European vision and not a Christian vision. The apology declaration which was delivered by Pope John Paul II, the Pope of Vatican, during the...
It is not possible for the Vatican to adopt any doctrine but that of Jesus Christ, because to do so would demolish its role and mission. So the formula of dialogue is careful and clear, it means only coexistence, and fraternity, but not dialogue concerning, nor the solution of, pending issues.
Catholics in Egypt are waiting for the visit of Pope John Paul II during the period from February 24-26. The visit represents an extraordinary event in the history of the Egyptian Catholic Church that contains seven different Catholic denominations, most prominent of which is the Catholic Copts...
The article is an attack on the Coptic Orthodox refusal to accept the baptism of the Coptic Catholic and Coptic Evangelical churches in Egypt. However, claims are made that Orthodox priests say are factually not true. Some Orthodox priests were consulted and their comments are found in the...
The Priest David Benjamin Caldani converted to Islam and wrote a book called ’Muhammad in the Holy Book’ in which he explains how he came to convert to Islam.
In a letter from the Catholic Church of Egypt the Church complains about Western media reports surrounding the issue of Coptic persecution in Egypt, as well as American intervention into the issue.
Anis Mansour, a famous Muslim columnist, writes in fascination about his friend Bishop Dr. Yohanna Kolta of the Coptic Catholic Church.


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