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Shaykh Mazhar Shāhin, former Imam of the ‘Umar Makram mosque at Tahrir square, and now TV presenter of Tahrir TV channel, stated that Salafi Shaykh Muhammad Hussayn Yaqūb used to enter the studio in one of the religious channels accompanied by private body guards. 
Following publication of a report detailing video evidence from the October 9, 2011 attack on a mostly Coptic demonstration at Maspero, a few people have sent in additional evidence. This appendix report updates the original text.Officer Fires on Protestors – Maspero (30 seconds)
Fully deserving of his many titles, the glorious scholar and professor, Dr. Ahmad ‘Abd al-Rahīm al-Sāyih passed away on July 7, 2011, fully engaged in life at the age of 74. Dr. al-Sāyih died while filming an interview for the revolutionary-born al-Tahrir Television channel, speaking about his...
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