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Abū ‘Iz al- Harīrī, former presidential candidate of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, stated on Nazrah TV program, on Sadá al- Balad satellite channel, that he does not wish to say to Copts ‘Kul Sana we huma tayibin’ (happy new year) as they are still not happy in Egypt.
Egypt’s Ministry of Awqāf [Endowments] announced in a statement on Friday that it will not allow NGOs to establish Islamic cultural institutes to prepare preachers due to the ‘chaos’ these centers cause in teaching religious discourse, and that some of these centers are linked to [Islamist] Jamā’āt...
The Egyptian writer, Farīda al-Shūbāshī [Farida El-Shobashy], said that some Egyptian women need to reclaim their humanity, pointing out that are some women who gave up their humanity; they accepted themselves as shameful and gave up their rights by wearing the Niqāb
Watch...Naguib Jibra’el: “Rami Jan” does not represent Copts The counselor Naguib Jibra’el [Najīb Jibrāʾīl], head of the organization of Egyptian union for human rights, has emphasized that the fugitive Journalist Rami Jan [Rāmī Jān] , who  frequently appears the Muslim Brotherhood’s Media channels...
The banned Egyptian preacher of al-Sayeda Nafīsa Mosque in Cairo, 'Abdallah Roshdi wrote on his social networking facebook account: “Secular thought seeks to exclude the religion [of Islam] from the State's legislation.” 
In a special series of his TV Program on Egyptian TV 'Nazra', media presenter Hamdī Rizq hosted Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of St. Mark, to a special series “Hewār Fī Hob Al-Watan” (Talks On Homeland's Love) broadcast on Sada al-Balad TV Channel.
Dr. Ahmad al-Sāwī, professor of doctrine and philosophy at Al-Azhar University , said that what the Israeli Knesset did to vote on a project that bans the Muslim call to prayer in Palestine, is extremism and a barbaric act that is not in accord with any freedom or international charters.
Egyptian activists launched a violent attack against Egyptian Justice Minister Ahmad al-Zind on social networking sites following the minister's statement that all Brotherhood leaders sentenced to death will be executed immediately after all stages of litigation have ended.
As the anniversary of the June 30 Revolution approaches, media personality Ahmad Mūsa stressed the role of the Egyptian Army in protecting the people during the June 30 Revolution, saying: “If it wasn't for the army, there would not have been a June 30 Revolution, and Egypt would not exist.”
Dr. Yūsri Al-`Azbāwī, the researcher at Al-Ahrām Center for Political and Strategic Studies and Head of the Democratic Transition Program in the Elections Forum, confirmed that legislation governing services are the priorities of the House of Representatives, which started its first session today.


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