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"I believe the report of Dr. Yanney is very important. He wrote it in a balanced way and raised many issues that need discussion in Egypt" says Dr. Samir Marcos. But the issue of conversions is not really discussed because churches in Egypt are divided and "do not want to see reality."
A high-level delegation of American church leaders headed for the Middle East to express solidarity with Christian churches there and to lend their voices to a growing chorus calling for renewed efforts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in the area.
The RNSAW formed an editorial board in April 2000. In this document the editorial policy of the RNSAW is explained.
The RNSAW gave a summary of both Rose el-Yousef articles in RNSAW, week 28, edition July 9-15, 1999. Since several readers asked for the full text that text is given in this issue together with comments from Evangelical Egyptian church leaders. Wa’el Lotfi writes about the opposition of Egypt’s...
The patriotic attitude of the Copts and their desire to save their country is seen in their view on Jerusalem.


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