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Background: The recordings with Turkish Ambassador Yassir Yatis provide an overview of Turkish relations with countries in the region. The main topic of his speech and of his answers to journalists’ questions concern Turkey’s relations with the states of Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Greece. For...
The article reports on the bitterly-contested conflict between the government and secular opposition powers in Turkey over a recent constitutional amendment to end the ban on wearing the hijāb in universities.
Iran has requested that six Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary members travel to Iran to attend a conference on solidarity with the Palestinian people.
Muna Bakr says Islamic groups that cheered at the victory of the Turkish Islamic Refah Party did not notice that party’s program is basically secular.
Fou’ād ‘Alām states the reasons for the recent successes achieved by political Islam movements. Muslims’ aspirations for changing their current governments, whose policies have not met up to their hopes, is one of the reasons behind the successes of political Islam movements.
Articles that examine the reasons for the success of political Islam. Article claiming Israeli involvement in the sinking of the al-Salām 98 ferry, in which over 1000 people lost their lives.
Many decisions taken later by the Erdogan government were incompatible with the U.S. interests as Washington found out that Erdogan and his party were stuck to their conservative Islamic popular platform whenever the need arises.
‘Abd al-Mun‘im Sa‘īd examines the success of the Turkish experiment, considered by moderate Muslims to be a model for democratic Islam.
By listening to Muhammad Mehdi Akef, the seventh guide of the Islamist organization founded in 1928 by Hassan Al-Banna, one has a feeling of dealing with a personality that is regarded as the "pope" of Islam.
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