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Drs. Cornelis Hulsman and Mads Akselbo Holm discuss the media coverage and accounts of the South Korean Christians who were being held hostage by the Ṭalibān. The authors show this issue contributed to a negative Muslim image of Christian missionaries.
John Watson provides a review of John Fullerton’s novel entitled, ‘This Green Land.’ It is a story that focuses on a young Christian woman, Reem, who was brainwashed and subsequently used by violent ideologies and beliefs. Fullerton provides an insight into the origins of terrorist and extremists...
Muftī of Egypt ‘Alī Jum‘ah said that he supports dialogue with hardliners because it could help reduce terrorist attacks. However, he insisted that those who continue with violent actions must be dealt with accordingly.
An alleged love affair was about to ignite sedition in Egypt. A school book was banned by a ruling from the Cairo Court for Urgent Affairs.
Mamdouh Mahran, chief editor of the weekly al-Nabaa, claimed that a former Coptic monk had practiced prostitution inside the church. Mahran was highly criticized in Egyptian media and was accused of damaging national unity. His article provoked angry protests by Copts in Assiut and in the main...
The current crisis of the frozen opposition party, al-Amal (Labour), entered a new stage after the revocation, by the administrative supreme court, of the ban imposed by the parliamentary committee of parties. There is a high expectation of a revival of the same party.
The niqāb is stirring controversy in different parts of the World. An Egyptian university professor is to be sued for criticizing it; the Egyptian muftī advises that women don’t wear it and students wearing it will be barred from accessing a university hostel. In Western countries it is regarded as...
The furor continues over the movie of ‘The Da Vinci Code’.
The article asserts that the Egyptian government is releasing members of al- Jamā‘a al-Islāmīya in batches after they vowed to renounce violence and reintegrate into society.
The EU is getting ready to launch a dictionary to accurately define Muslim cultural terminology, such as the words jihād, "fundamentalist" and "Islamist" in a bid to assert that there is no religion that compels its followers to commit crimes in its name.


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