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On October 25, the Jerusalem Post published an article about hundreds of Palestinian Christians fleeing the Palestinian territories. An Israeli spokesman referred in this regard to a radical sermon of Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya. This article, like the sermon of the Palestinian preacher,...
Al-Arabi got to know that the lists of the National Democratic Party (NDP) contain only three Copts.
The 16-year-old Christian Briton, Hosea Walker converted to Islam, went to an Islamic training camp in Yemen where he has been shot dead. Hosea’s 17-year-old brother Malkay was in the same camp and returned home with the dead body.
Iraq’s leading Christian cleric said Wednesday he believed Pope John Paul II remained committed to a controversial millennium pilgrimage to Iraq and that he expected him to meet President Saddam Hussein.
The RNSAW asked father Dr. Christiaan van Nispen to respond to the press reports about the statement of Bishop Giuseppe Bernardini. Dr. van Nispen says the statement of the bishop should be read in its context and should be placed besides many other statements of the Pope and important Catholic...
Pope John Paul will briefly visit St. Catherine’s monastery in the Sinai Peninsula in December as part of a trip he has planned to mark the new millennium, an aide to the Greek Orthodox Bishop of Sinai said on September 2.
The report of the American Foreign Ministry about religious freedom in the world confirmed that President Hosni Mubarak implemented the necessary procedures to facilitate and support religious freedom for Egyptian Copts.
Egyptian prosecutors have remanded in custody for 15 days several suspected members of the militant group jihad, some of whom had been deported from another state, an official daily said on April 15.
A heated confrontation took place between the Sheikh of the Azhar and Dr. Mustafa Imam, professor in the Faculty of Arabic Language at the Azhar University, during a press conference held by the Sheikh last Tuesday.
Egypt’s most militant group, the Gamaa Islamiya has a web site on the internet.


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